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My columns on Sermo

Sermo is the biggest social network for doctors ( 650 000 members from 30 countries). I am Sermo community columnist since 2016. Below my columns ( access only for registred doctors). My nick on Sermo is @mimax2.

1.Pierogi – delicious food from Poland

  1. World is aging and you too : )

  1. Vitamin K – great panacea for all – from birth to senility?

  1. Grandparents without borders

  1. Holiday time – the hotel guide for travelers

  1. When doctor meets with a rare disease

7.Another Specialty for a Day – aesthetic medicine

  1. Every man needed good examples

  1. Air pollution – underestimated risk factor

  1. Too much salt on ever larger plates

  1. Bionic pancreas – new interesting data

  1. Released new guidelines for treating SERMO – nosis !

  1. Global disparities in hypertension – what we should do?

  1. Proust Questionnaire

  1. Parisian famous restaurant due to movie…

  1. European Society of Cardiology Congress 2016, August 27-31

  1. Esophageal atresia – the new guidelines 2016

  1. Polish children are obese!

  1. Difficult case of pheochromocytoma

  1. M*A*S*H in Polish

  1. O pieniądzach najwygodniej rozmawiać w języku ojczystym

  1. Organic food – what do you think about it?

  1. My roots, Jewish roots?

  1. How to cross the US border – a guide for beginners

  1. Bed adventures or a blind date

  1. Mistake: zero lost that almost made me collapse

  1. Seniors, lets dance!

  1. 3 D print: the reality of individual case and dreams

  1. Old and new sources of medical knowledge

  1. My home library

  1. My Crazy Experience as a patient: injuries in the bathroom

  1. Child Health and Development Records – history and examples

  1. Telemedicine – opportunities and threats

  1. Guide to aging based on personally known facts ; )

35.Round the world travel

  1. Christmas time in Poland

  1. Three streams of Medicine 3.0

  1. Cavalcade of Magi in Poland

  1. My most interesting patient case: collapse due to…

  1. One thousand cardiac ablations in children and adolescents

  1. Family recipe: dumplings ( pierogi ) from Poland

42.Testing my new pan or dinner for two

  1. Emotional contagion

  1. Best place I’ve visited is … Iguazu Falls

  1. Learning foreign languages – yours experience

  1. Bedroom, smartphone and you

  1. Art of loving, it is…

48.Cancer screening – risk, benefits, practical approach

  1. European Reference Networks for rare diseases launched!

  1. Medicine and journalism, my passions

  1. Quality of life and rare diseases

  1. Travels and culture shock

  1. Ranking of articles published in JAMA 2016

  1. Para – pheo syndrome recurrence after two surgeries

  1. Kiss me quick? Hmm… sometimes rather not

  1. Accident on vacation / holiday – meeting with noctors

  1. Do you like seafood?

  1. Glioblastoma 7 y/o

  1. Diplomas and certificates in the doctor’s office

60.Does health require marketing efforts?

61. Smartphones and medicine

62. Doctor’s personality

63. Public health & new risk factors – conference in Madrid

64. Public health and highly infectious pathogens

65. Huge cyberattack in Europe

66. Overweight and obesity among the young generation

67. Walls as a symbol and not only symbol

68. Changing goals of antihypertensive treatments

69. Do you know hubris syndrome?   

70. Children and animals – safety rules

71.Polish cardiologists provide humanitarian aid to Tanzania

72.Documenting the past

73. Migrants and health – conference in Brussels