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Diagnosis: gold rush, chapter 1

I wrote the novel „Diagnosis: gold rush” in 2011 / 2013, traveling between Warsaw, Algiers, Oran, and Tipaza, where the ruins of the ancient city, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, are located. Encountering different cultures, and past worlds (the ruins of Tipaza are older than Carthage) certainly created a climate for creative inspiration.

My novel features the New Wonderful World, Augmented Reality, and the profession of receptology. Scientists are researching the Muti-Vir-Virr vaccine, which is administered in vaccine buses. Side effects are sometimes dangerous, with reported deaths of athletes who have been vaccinated with Muti-Vir-Virr.

After 10 years of writing the novel and confronting it with the reality that currently surrounds us, I come to the conclusion that I am the holder of the future predicting gene – let’s call it in English, it will be more serious and scientific: The future predicting gene. It is one of the 1184 genes associated with the female X chromosome. How did I discover it? My Mother Halina put up a cabala for many people and had serious success in accurately predicting the future during the Second World War. My gene seems to have undergone some mutation and is expressed not only in predicting but also in describing the future. My mother told various stories beautifully, but she had no gift for describing them.