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Medicine and Journalism: cluttering of the Word

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127.Cluttering of the Word

(31 August 2018)

I’ve been doing clean-ups last week. I have a large collection of souvenirs related to my travels – documents, tickets, boarding passes … I never throw away such documents so my collection has become quite large. Dusted cards and folders have a volume of several binders. It evokes memories of journeys made – Paris, Madrid, Brussels and Prague.

My first trip to the United States at the American Society of Hypertension Congress in San Francisco … I mistook the directions at Market Street and instead of going to the hotel where the congress took place, I went to the Castro district. The first meeting with the atmosphere of this district makes a big impression on every tourist. After the end of the congress, I went on a trip to the Muir Woods National Monument – the famous sequoia park… I watch souvenirs from subsequent trips to Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Kansas City, Boston …

Thanks to these various little notes, I remember the different details of the trip – for example, the number of the hotel room or the number of places on the plane …

But there are more and more cards, as well as various items in our homes – clothes, shoes, plates, cups, everything! The world is getting more and more cluttered.

I come to the conclusion that the digitization of many objects, especially documents and other paper items is the only method that can save us from the total cluttering of the world.

My question is: are your homes perfectly organized or rather cluttered?