Świat w obiektywie Krystyny

Motto Powołanie do medycyny v. do pisania i fotografowania

Bank investor at work
Trees travel by standing

7. My Aunt Frania ecologically collects brushwood to heat her apartment. My oldest photo, 1950s, last century. taken in Łapy, my hometown (Podlasie), Poland

8. What is inside?, Warsaw, Poland

9. Alert, Seul, South Korea

10. Three Lions in Oran, Algieria
11. The Vehicle of the Future, Warsaw, Poland
12. A past civilization, Tiapaza, Algieria
13. Farewell Genetrically Modified Organisms!, Paris, France 2017
17. I am conducting interview with prof. L. I. Ignarro winner of the 1998 Nobel Prize in medicine and physiology
18. Visiting the Hopital Necker, Paris, France

19. Looking at Lake Constance
20. Me as an accredited journalist at a the Innovative Medicine Initiative conference in Brussels

22. moja fotografia – pomarańczowy motyl