Medicine and Journalism: Gold anniversary of my MD diploma

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101.Gold anniversary of my MD diploma

(2 March 2018)

On February 28, 2018, fifty years have passed since I received my doctor’s diploma at the  Akademia Medyczna in Warsaw. An unusual anniversary, worth a moment of memories and reflection.

Our profession in my youth years was characterized by the pathophysiological knowledge in medical procedures, friendly relations between doctors and patients.

Later, over the years, pathophysiological knowledge was pushed to the margin of medical thinking by guidelines, recommendations and regulations, which obviously changed the quality of human relations. All this meant that the free doctor’s profession turned into a slave profession of a „health care provider”.

The term „pathophysiology of hypertension” entered in Pub Med displays the result of 647 reports. Rather, not as many reports as for a disease that affects millions of people around the world. The term „guidelines of hypertension” entered in Pub Med displays the result of 13 511 reports! Until the 1980s, no more than 10 documents were published, called „guidelines”. In 2016, over a thousand documents were published called „guidelines”… Pathophysiology, pathophysiological knowledge is not fashionable! 🙁 – it is my first reflection…

I didn’t feel a vocation to be a healthcare provider, I began to look for a different perspective that would allow me to continue practicing medicine, but in a way free of bureaucratic overregulation. It turned out that such a possibility is provided by medical journalism. What a relief! – I sighed after a more detailed diagnosis of the issue. So I can continue to practice medicine and I do not have to be a health care provider, an individual business entrepreneur, an individual contractor of big medical business and so on..

I can write something other than documentation of the disease, medical certificate, prescription, report for the national health fund. All these difficult-to-fill medical documents exist for 20 years because they are protected by law and can be destroyed after that time.

The proofs of my knowledge and work after this period are lost, disappear.

It is very nice to know that my books, articles, and the monthly „Gazeta dla Lekarzy”, published by me will last longer. Placed in the Polish National Library in the form of a compulsory copy, both in paper and electronic form, are provided with timeless durability.

This aspect of creative work beautifully captures the words of Horace from Song III:

Exegi monumentum aere perennius

regalique situ pyramidum altius,

quod non imber edax, non Aquilo inpotens

possit diruere aut innumerabilis

annorum series et fuga temporum.

Non omnis moriar multaque pars mei

vitabit Libitinam; usque ego postera

crescam laude recens, dum Capitolium

scandet cum tacita virgine pontifex.

Dicar, qua violens obstrepit Aufidus

et qua pauper aquae Daunus agrestium

regnauit populorum, ex humili potens

princeps Aeolium carmen ad Italos

deduxisse modos. Sume superbiam

quaesitam meritis et mihi Delphica

lauro cinge volens, Melpomene, comam.